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Yemaya is a great investment opportunity in East Africa, offering new contemporary homes designed & constructed to your own unique taste. This unique development combines the best of Kenya, nature, culture & style of living.


Once you choose your plot, & your down-payment is made, you get a choice of 3 internationally designed architects to choose from, Mcclean Design, B8 Architecture & Kraus Architecture. Your design will be provided to you by the end of the year.  

Each consultant will have one design, contemporary look in line with our project guidelines. This design will have a fully-fledged house design, with a permutation of a 3, 4, or 5 bedroom house. 


Each home has been designed to the highest specification, with all rooms ensuite, a show kitchen, a dirty kitchen, wine cellar, study, swimming pool, jacuzzi & elevator. However, when it comes to your home & your personalisation, the home is designed in such a modular way that you can remove or add these elements depending on your taste or budget. 


Once you have chosen this design & the specifications with your architect, you are then required to preselect one of the 3 appointed contractors and work out your budgets for construction

At Yemaya we care about the aesthetics of the outside of the house to protect & appreciate the mater plan & value that we have created around the project. However, when it comes to your home at Yemaya, we want your inside space is built & finished to materials that are comfortable for you both in taste & budget. 


We encourage everyone to build their homes with all the components & specifications suggested, no boundary walls as each home sits on the gold course, good size infinity-edge swimming pool, a decent size wine cellar, the openness of floor to ceiling glass so you bring the outside inside, a one-time chance to build your destination home properly at Yemaya. 

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