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If it's adventures in paradise you seek, they are plentiful, there is no other project like this in Kenya, let alone East Africa, a place of paradise where there is something for everyone. Popular excursions for visitors in Funzi are the crocodile safari in the nearby Ramisi river or going on a cultural tour in the village and enjoy traditionally Swahili cuisine. The best swimming experience in the area will undoubtedly be on the naturally formed sandbank just offshore from Funzi village.

A first-class & extraordinary golf course that is situated around exclusive neighborhoods & private homesites with breathtaking views of the Indian ocean. Designed by a former World No 1 Golfer & the most prolific winners of his generation, having been inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame & designs the worlds leading golf courses. 


Yemaya will have a unique 9-hole reversible golf course. With towering 50ft ancient Baobabs and expensive views of the Indian ocean, this could quite possibly be the most beautiful golf course in the world. 


Each homeowner must take a minimum membership for 2 people at the Signature golf course, so they can enjoy the lifestyle that Yemaya offers. As your plots are an ideal size between 7000-8000 sq ft which is the perfect size for a second home, we anticipate service charges to be much lower than any other golf home communities across Kenya. 

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